Electron Aero Battery Electric LSA

In NSW there’s a small Aerospace composites company cooking up a spitfire of a project in the Experimental Light Sport category a battery electric aircraft called Electron Aero. This is no conventionally powered aircraft in the fact it will be powered by Ions, Lithium Ions to be precise. LSA’s are lightweight with a maximum take off weight of 600kg including pilot, passengers and a modest amount of cargo. for full details check them out here http://electron.aero/

The Electron Aero is a E-LSA and will be supplied as a kit to prospective builders. It will be powered by a 75kw high efficiency motor coupled with a ground adjustable 3 blade light weight composite propeller. A fixed landing gear to remove the complication of forgetting to lower the landing gear

Projected performance is impressive if it can be achieved for a battery electric plane with a top speed of 250km/h a flying time of approx 2 and a half hours and a range around 350km. It also packs safety in the form of a Ballistic Recovery system or parachute in simple terms, which are becoming an option in a lot of new light sport and a select few General Aviation aircraft utilise similar systems such as Cirrus whith their SR range.

For more pictures they are in instagram and Facebook just look up electron aero. The full size prototype should be ready sometime mid 2020, when it will undergo testing to ensure it meets all the design and performance estimates and validate the many hours of hard work that has gone into the program.

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