Hyundai Kona Electric

The Kona electric has been on sale now in Australia since mid 2019, and has proven popular with wait times extending due to global demand. It is the first small SUV to be offered as an all electric from any automakers.

As for range anxiety, that’s fast becoming a thing of the past with a real world range of 450km and if your frugal could likely get closer to 500km. As far as charging goes the network of DC fast chargers are increasing month by month with companies like Chargefox partnering with the NRMA, RACQ and othe Autoclubs around Australia. From near empty to 80% you can charge in around 54 minutes from a 100kW DC fast charge station or if your charging from home in around 8 or 9 hours with one of a variety of wall chargers like the official Hyundai charger from Jetcharge which charges at ~7kW.

As far as driving and other mod cons, the Kona electric is well equipped if not a little pricey compared to it’s ICE stablemates, however the buy in price can be mitigated with the advantage a lower maintenance experience. Typical servicing would generally be for things like suspension, brakes and rotors. The big myth is tha EV’s don’t need servicing which for the most part is true however a yearly checkup is still advised for the above mentioned suspension and fluid checks.

On fuel saving, if you were to drive an average of 60-70 km per day with petrol costing ~$1.60 per litre and an electricity price ~ $0.34 kWh you could potentially save $1575 per year.

In car entertainment comes by way of Apple CarPlay™, Android™ Auto and wireless in car charging in Highlander model.

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